Smart storage space for digital workflows

Flexible, safe, efficient

24/7 availability

Objects can be stored and picked up keyless around the clock

Contactless delivery of goods

In times of Covid-19, contactless handover increases the safety of employees

Modular system

The terminal module can be supplemented with different locker elements in different sizes

Receipts for delivery and receipt

The app can be used to see at any time whether an item has been stored for you or when an item you have stored was picked up

Document security

Confidential documents are made available securely and in compliance with the GDPR

Individual design

The order-related production makes individual cabinet systems in different designs possible

Fields of application

There are no limits to the ideas - basic workflows for se: hub are already predefined for many areas of application. In addition, new individual workflows can be stored and mapped via the software system.

As a transfer station

The system is ideal for the contactless transfer of documents and objects. It is guaranteed that only authorized persons can open the respective compartment using the QR code. se: hub is ready for use around the clock and thus offers a 24-hour service for:

  • IT hardware (contactless delivery and provision of hardware, such as laptops, smartphones, projectors)
  • Fleet management (provision of keys and vehicle documents)
  • HR department (data protection-safe transfer of documents)
  • external services such as B. Parcel services, laundry services, repairs

For temporary storage

The lockers are also ideal for the temporary and protected storage of items in the following areas:

  • Reception (storage of bags, suitcases)
  • Meeting and seminar rooms (storage of documents and workshop tools for seminars)
  • Open plan offices (locking of valuables)
  • Co-working areas (storage of work materials overnight)

The individual solution for efficient workflows

Increasing flexibility in the workplace is increasingly changing the way we work. This makes it all the more important to make central services such as mail, document and fleet management easily, securely and independently of personnel accessible at all times.
This is where se:hub comes into play: The intelligent locker cabinet helps to send documents in compliance with data protection regulations and across departments, to hand over defective IT equipment and to hand over new goods without contact. Laptops and work documents can also be securely locked overnight and vehicle keys or papers can be made available independent of working hours.
There are no limits to your ideas - basic workflows are predefined for all areas of application. In addition, individual workflows can be stored and mapped using the existing software system.

Operation via app or terminal

Simply book and open the web-based lockers via app or at the terminal. You select the locker and the desired workflow, the se:hub application does the rest. Based on our basic modules, further customer-specific workflows can be developed and third party systems can be integrated thanks to open programming interfaces.

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